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Younee releases second solo album


Those of you looking for interesting piano music should seek out Younee’s second solo release. She came to London back in 2009 with the launch of the album True to You (reviewed here) which showcased her talents as a singer-songwriter, and she entertained live and radio audiences with the many different facets of her musical personality. She followed this up in 2014 with Jugendstil, a solo piano album of free improvisations inspired by classical works. Now comes her second solo piano album, My Piano, to be released on 29 April according to Amazon. This time the music is her own. The blurb that goes with the album reads as follows:

In 2014 her debut album ‘Jugendstil’ got great reactions from critics and fans alike and Younee follows it with her sophomore release “My Piano”, to prove again that she’s one of the most fascinating pianists and composers working today. The album includes three exclusive live bonus tracks. But while she relied on the classics by the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff as inspiration in the past, “My Piano” consists of eleven songs that Younee composed and arranged all by herself. The result is a brilliant album that ranges between furioso to pianissimo, which takes the listener on an emotional journey through the world of modern piano music. Right up to the final note, everything happens intuitively, spontaneously and without drifting into kitsch or virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake.


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