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A review of the Korean cultural year 2020

It would be an understatement to say that the cultural year 2020 has been markedly different from previous years. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the cultural scene, with most live events cancelled and event promoters falling back on the internet to provide us with our cultural fixes. Some of these attempts have … [Read More]

Younee releases second solo album

Those of you looking for interesting piano music should seek out Younee’s second solo release. She came to London back in 2009 with the launch of the album True to You (reviewed here) which showcased her talents as a singer-songwriter, and she entertained live and radio audiences with the many different facets of her musical … [Read More]

A review of the London Korean Year 2010

LKL tries to sum up the London Korean cultural year. Live music Possibly the most disappointing thing about 2010 has been the number of top-flight Korean musicians who have been passing through London but not stopping to do a sensible gig there. Biuret played at a private industry showcase before heading off to Southampton – … [Read More]

The many sides of Younee

Younee is back in the UK for a punishing schedule of live gigs, radio interviews and broadcasts. LKL is her first interview, two days after landing at Heathrow. We meet, together with her manager, Anthony Steinberg, at the now familiar rooftop bar at the St George’s Hotel, next to All Soul’s Langham Place. Last time … [Read More]

Younee returns for her second UK tour

After the success of her 2009 UK tour, Younee is back for two months and a series of concerts. LKL will be meeting her this week to talk about her plans. In the meanwhile, here are some dates for your diaries: 19 Mar 2010 20:15 BBC Three Counties Radio ‘Sue Marchant Programme’ Cambridge 26 Mar … [Read More]

A belated look back at 2009

For the past 3 years LKL has concocted a quiz of the year as a way of gathering together some of the news stories which have most caught our eye. This year, as I came to draw up the list in mid December I found it hard to think of anything amusing or diverting: most … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2009: Philip

The editor provides an eclectic choice of albums from this year. 2009 has been a bumper year for new, innovative music and some welcome re-releases of the back catalogue. And anyone interested in the Korean contemporary music scene needs to be very grateful to Anna over at Indieful ROK for the work she does in … [Read More]

Younee on Radio 3 Jazz Line-up

Great pre-gig publicity for Younee, courtesy of the BBC: an interview with the amazing singer Claire Martin on Radio 3 Jazz Line-up, and the chance to perform a couple of numbers live. # From the BBC website: Claire Martin presents as South Korean piano virtuoso Yoonee talks about her current career in jazz and … [Read More]

Younee and the British Invasion

Younee, the versatile singer-songwriter-pianist from Korea, is in London to launch her new album and play the Pizza Express Jazz Club. She takes a break from her rehearsal schedule to talk to LKL about her musical influences. It was not a good start to the interview. I had selected the Wigmore Hall bar as a … [Read More]

Younee’s autumn UK tour and CD release

News of a UK tour by Korean singer-wongwriter and pianist, Younee, in collaboration with British-based musicians: Younee, from Seoul, Korea is ‘beyond category’ as a singer, songwriter and pianist and known as “Key’s Piano” in her native Korea and has 2 albums to her name. Her exquisitely vulnerable voice can also express raw power. An … [Read More]