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KCC culture workshops autumn term – application window now open

The application window for the third term of this year’s culture workshops at the KCC is now open. Note that the taekwondo and gayageum classes continue on from the previous two terms and are thus only open to those who have attended previous terms. Applications are invited though for the calligraphy and jogakbo classes. You have until 28 August to apply.

More details on the KCC website.

K-Culture Workshops, term 3

K culture workshop banner

SEOYEH: Korean Calligraphy
JOGAKBO: Traditional Korean Patchwork
Classes are suitable for all levels with an enthusiasm for Korean culture. Please note that participating more than one K-Culture Workshop in each term is prohibited

Date Seoyeh: Wednesdays / 6:30 – 8:30pm / 21 Sept – 23 Nov
Jogakbo: Tuesdays / 6:30 – 8:30pm / 20 Sept – 22 Nov
Workshop Period 10 weeks
Venue Korean Cultural Centre UK (Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand London WC2N 5BW)
Minimum Age 18 years old
How to apply
  • Application Forms can be downloaded from our website ( or by emailing [email protected].
  • Application Forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted.
  • Applications must arrive by Sunday 28 August, Midnight.
    • Email: [email protected] (Example email title: ‘K-Culture Workshop Application: Seoyeh’)
    • In person or post: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand,London WC2N 5BW
  • The successful applicants will be announced on the KCCUK homepage on Monday 5 September and contacted individually via email.

Term 3 Schedule

Workshop Dates Day Time Entrance
taekwondo Taekwondo 21 Sep – 23 Nov Wed 6:30-8:30pm 15
seoyeh Seoyeh 21 Sep – 23 Nov Wed 6:30-8:30pm 15
gayageum Gayageum 28 Sep – 30 Nov Wed 6:30-8:00pm 10
jogakbo Jogakbo 20 Sep – 22 Nov Tue 6:30-8:30pm 15
  • Timetables above are provisional and may be subject to change.
  • For more details about each K-Workshop and curriculum, please visit our website (

Important Changes from 2016

From 2016, the K-Culture Workshops run for Three Terms with 10 weeks for each term, thus aiming for a high level of achievement and giving more opportunities for people to enjoy our culture class. The Taekwondo and Gayageum classes run as a one-year course. Therefore the application window for Takewondo and Gayageum opens only once a year prior to Term 1, and those students should be committed to and continue their learning throughout a year in both Terms 2 and Terms 3.

The Jogakbo and Seoyeh classes run usual as previous years, and therefore students must submit the application prior to each term.

Enquiries – Tel: 020 7004 2600 / Email: [email protected]

Both Seoyeh and Jogakbo are Free. Please note that Jogakbo students are expected to pay for materials for each project which is around £10 per project.

For more details about Seoyeh and Jogakbo please find the link below.
– Seoyeh:
– Jogakbo: