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The world’s first newspaper?

Jobo news item
Jobo, the world’s first newspaper is discovered – SBS news item via Korea Exposé

“Why did no one inform me that this was being made?” said King Seonjo (r. 1567–1608) on 28 November 1577. Concerned “that information about the court could potentially be circulated to wider circles in the elite” the king exiled the people responsible for the news-sheet. Jieun Choi of Korea Exposé has the fascinating story. Kim Jung-seok and Park Jung-ho also have the story in the Korea JoongAng Daily, together with this photo:

Jobo page
A newspaper piece on Nov. 23 of 1577, in the lunar calendar, discovered by monk Ji Bong of Yonghwa Temple in Yeongcheon, North Gyeongsang. Photo Kim Jung-seok for the Korea JoongAng Daily.

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