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Factory Girls by Yangson Project tours London, Midlands and South

The performing arts programme of Korea/UK 2017-18 year of cultural exchange brings a new production to the UK, in collaboration with Farnham Maltings. The production hits London on 13 October, but is touring the Midlands and South of England before then.

Factory Girls

8pm, 13 October 2017
Jacksons Lane | 269a Archway Road | London N6 5AA |
Tickets: £12.95 (£10.95 conc) Book here

Factory Girls

A charming, beautiful and thoughtfully crafted physical theatre production from South Korea’s rising stars.

Oksun is a young girl working in a Japanese factory during the Korean industrial boom of the 1930s. Silently she endures the back-breaking work and oppressive conditions. One day she is ordered by the foreman to spy on her friend, who they suspect of rallying the workers. What she hears and events that follow make Oksun decide the time has come to find her voice.

Based on a short story written by Yu Jin-oh (유진어) the original text was published serially in a daily newspaper, the Chosun Ilbo, in 1931. Combining text, movement and sound, an ensemble cast of four performers bring Oksun’s story to life. Yangson Project is a collaboration between actors Son Sang-kyu, Yang Jo-ah and Yang Jong-ook and director Park Ji-hye. This is a unique opportunity to see this exciting company’s first UK performance.

This project forms part of a programme of activity supported by the Arts Council of England and Korea to encourage an exchange of practice, ideas and skills between the two countries with the ambition of creating long term, collaborative relationships between artists and the communities around the world.

Original Text by Yu Jin-oh
Adaptation by Yangson Project
Produced by Farnham Maltings
Supported by the Arts Council of England and Korea.

Age Guidance: 12+
Duration: 60 mins, no interval
Show info: This performance has reserved seating.

We are unable to admit latecomers to this performance. Please allow ample time to arrive and collect your tickets.

Other appearances on the tour:

28 September, 7:30pm: Farnham Maltings
4 October, 7:45pm: The Key Theatre, Peterborough
6 October, 8:00pm: New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
7 October, 8:00pm: Lighthouse Studio, Poole
10-11 October, 8:00pm: Warwick Arts Centre Studio

2 thoughts on “Factory Girls by Yangson Project tours London, Midlands and South

  1. Hi.

    I slept past the time to go to Poole and so have missed this rare opportunity to experience world theatre. I have limited my critiques on the performing arts to the cinema and more usual media. I need to watch overseas productions especially and the theatre in particular to find out if I can see traces of . It is hard not to see it in the plastic arts. Please look at my website and let me know if it has resonances in the world in which you have performed, or in the content? If it has I may travel to Coventry.
    Might I recommend a book that first alerted me to your world in 1986. Professor Rogan Taylor wrote “The Death and Ressurection Show.” Since then looking for ecstatic performances in art and the plastic arts in particular I have only discovered the almost miitary use of trauma instead to inhibit or disinhibit us. “beachhutman” on twitter is me.
    By The Way the word sur-titles on the groups website for the Poole performance I think, should be sub-titles. I hope that practical point helps that from being repeated. Tim Baber

  2. I forgot to mention, the reason why I thought this might add to my knowledge as if by osmosis was that in history and in Koreas history the tradition of Shamanism is not quite dead. I have read of shamanic ceremonies and their performance based art is still being used to cement together communities using a little reproduced trauma and usually a good dose of an ecstatic performance to make the audience feel better. I know I know almost nothing more but if this is new to you then Mircea Eliade, a Hungarian Professor, wrote the standard work on this called Shamanism(e). Just reading the introduction and the conclusion must surely be something you would profit by, and this is my gift to the Korean artists involved in the Yangson Project. If this information is supressed in North Korea, I would maintain they must surely be exposed to these polarities within their country and without in whatever media links permeate their foreign and spectral airs.*

    * my link explained see pages 4 and 5

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