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by Philip Gowman on 23 September, 2017

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Seoul design fest exhibitors

Am I the only one confused about the branding of the design shows held in London at the end of September, and dismayed at the uselessness of their web designers?

The branders seem to have decided that bunch of shows that have been around for a while should be gathered together under the heading of the London Design Festival. Its cornerstone event is 100% Design London, which has been going since 1995. I’ve always found 100% Design a little bit industrial, preferring instead the smaller-scale hand-made feeling of Tent London the other end of town. But now Tent London, which for as long as I’ve known it has shared its exhibition location with another show called SuperBrands (whose USP I’ve never been able to figure out), is going through its own rebrand: its URI, www.tentlondon.co.uk now redirects to www.londondesignfair.co.uk. So now we have a Festival as the over-arching brand, and a Fair which is an element within that Festival:

London Design Festival web page

And the London Design Fair itself? Well, it’s kind of agnostic whether it’s a parent brand which has Tent London and SuperBrands as its subsidiaries, or whether it’s really an apology for a brand which just sits alongside. Visit their website and see if you can figure out whether there are three shows going on at the Truman Brewery or one. I certainly can’t.

Tent London logos

Nevertheless, having maybe established that a Festival is a bigger thing than a Fair, we discover that the Koreans haven’t been briefed on this hierarchy. Because the main Korean exhibitor at the Fair is Seoul Design Festival. Maybe, to give that extra layer of hierarchy that we seem to need, we should start again with the whole thing and decide that one of these events should be called an Expo…

Anyway, like last year, I’m finding that there’s too much going on and so I won’t make it to the Truman Brewery this year. But for the record, here are the Korean design houses exhibiting as part of the Seoul Design Festival stand. There may be other independent Korean exhibitors (there usually are) but if so they’re easier to spot in the tabloid-sized newspaper the organisers hand out at the entrance than on the slick, infinitely-scrolling but unsearchable website.

100% Design London has an equally useless website as its search function does not search the full extent of its exhibitor database. A quick visual scan highlighted one exhibitor from last year (Honeydew Rabbit) and one with an obviously Korean name (Heritage of Sang Il) but there are bound to be others.

South Korea: Seoul Design Festival

Stand F09 | Hall T1 | Truman Brewery | 21-24 September 2017

Seoul Design Festival is a theme-oriented exhibition where designers express their creativity through experimental ideas.

Since 2002, Seoul Design Festival has been the leading player in field of design in South Korea with strong support of influential Monthly Design. The festival discovers and introduces attractive and hidden design spots in Seoul along with the annual festival, under the title of “Seoul Design Spot.” Charming streets and design venues in Seoul will be presented as spectacular scenes of design.

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