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Sad news from the South coast

Seven Sisters

Kim Hyewon, a 22 year-old student who was studying English here fell to her death after jumping in the air to pose for a photo at the edge of the Seven Sisters. According to the Telegraph:

A statement by witness Young Choi, 24, said: “I went to the Seven Sisters for tourism. Another Korean girl, who I did not know, was there and she asked me to take photos.”

Jin Gyeong Jang said: “I saw her standing then heard sound of a bang, then she was not there. At the space where was was standing, there was a bag.”

The spot is a popular one for Korean tourists. Said one netizen in the OinK – Only in Korea Facebook group:

Can’t say this hasn’t been coming. I’d barely heard of Seven Sisters before coming to Korea, but it seems that every Kim, Lee and Park I know that visits Blighty wants their own ‘on the edge’ photo.

Our thoughts are with the family of the victim.

Sources: BBC | Daily Telegraph.

Photo: BBC

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