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Exhibition visit: Juree Kim in Exhibit A, at Anise Gallery

Juree Kim: London Terraced House
Juree Kim: London Terraced House – about 5 minutes after water was poured into its supporting tray, 8 March 2018

Kim Juree’s latest work, London Terraced House, was unveiled at the opening of the current exhibition, Exhibit A, at Anise gallery in Shad Thames. As for her 2017 participation in the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke, Kim chose a subject relevant to the location of the exhibition: this time a group of typical early Victorian terraced houses in Southwark, the borough which includes Shad Thames in its boundaries.

Juree Kim: London Terraced House - a few days later
Juree Kim: London Terraced House – a few days later

At the opening, Kim initiated the destructive process for which her practice is known, by tipping a small amount of water into the tray housing her unfired clay model. Within a matter of a couple of days the houses had partially subsided into the pool, now evaporated, the lower tiers of intricately sculpted brickwork collapsed into what looks like melted chocolate.

The work is on show until 7 April 2018.

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