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Sasapari returns with Voices of Korean Contemporary Artists: Butterfly Effect

It will be good to have Sasapari back after a gap of four years. Around fifty UK-based Korean artists will be showing their work at the Bargehouse:

Voices of Korean Contemporary Artists: Butterfly Effect

3 – 6 May 2018, 10am – 6pm | Admission free
Bargehouse | OXO Tower Wharf | Bargehouse Street | London SE1 9PH |

4482 2018 banner

4482 (sasapari), a figure made from combining the calling codes of the UK (44) and South Korea (82), is the name adopted by a collective group of Korean Contemporary Artists. Since the group’s first exhibition in 2007, 7 successful exhibitions have taken place, showcasing inspiring works of over 200 Korean artists who live and work in the UK.

After a four-year hiatus, and in its 11th year running, 4482 (sasapari) proposes a return of its annual exhibition in May 2018, at OXO Barge house in London once again. By recalibrating its three storey exhibition space into a conversational environment, the exhibition aspires to extend beyond the confined, physical gallery into a simulated space to reflect the world around us.

Environment, a term that describes the surroundings and conditions of our living, is the initiative for the 4482-2018 exhibition. The environment, that we are all part of, shapes us, impacts us, and changes us. Yet, it is often entangled with conflicts and consequences. It is hoped that the 4482 would provide a platform for artists to create their own ‘Butterfly Effect’ on the issues of our common environment by presenting their voices through their works. Their voices will be shared and expanded to a network of diverse conversations that invites everyone to participate; subsequently echoing beyond the gallery space to our everyday lives. This open invitation to incur a collaborative ‘Butterfly Effect’ will bring Art and public together.

In an effort to preserve the original rationale for the foundations of 4482, the project continues in the form of a representation of UK-based Korean Contemporary artists, showcasing them in the very centre of the transnational city of London. The exhibition hopes to reach the attention and the interest of the public, irrespective of background or culture, in hopes to encourage a multiplicity of conversations and interactions.

The exhibition aims to accumulate several outcomes:

  • To provide a comparative model for current artistic practices, in the hope of fostering conversations with other contemporary artists in the UK not only in the duration of the exhibition but to continue in future; 4482 aims to be a part of today’s transnational art network in one of the most important art hubs in the world.
  • To exploit the continuity of numerous Korean contemporary artists who persistently practise and exhibit around the UK and to widen the horizons of contemporaneous artistic practices of contemporary art.
  • To be a platform for an entanglement between artists and the public; encouraging interaction and participation to continuously extend the artistic network of ideas, thoughts and conversation.


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