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Call for Papers: The 6th Yun Posun Memorial Symposium

Just received into my inbox, a call for papers for the 6th Yun Posun Memorial Symposium at the University of Edinburgh:

Inequality in Global Cities, Seoul in Comparative Perspective

Date: 8th – 9th October 2018
Venue: University of Edinburgh, Playfair Library

Yun Posun conference

Seoul, as any global mega cities, inequality persists, as marginalised individuals and communities include urban poor, foreign migrant workers, foreign wives from South-East Asia, LGBT community, irregular workers with minimum wages, among others. Polarization and inequality undermine the quality of democracy because they deepen existing social cleavages and create new ones, it reduces social cohesion, possibly leading up to democracy being captured by power elite groups.

The project brings together academics from a variety of disciplines and practitioners to discuss the impact that various types of inequality have on the quality of democracy in South Korea. Cities are sites of innovation and innovative thinking. Yet, cities are also loci of wealth concentration and inequality. The conference therefore zooms in on the case study of Seoul – through an analysis of various issues, policies, and economic sectors – and other global cities in comparative perspective.

These issues will be examined in multi-disciplinary and comparative panels through a combination of qualitative and quantitative studies, so that a nuanced and comprehensive assessment of this question can be developed during the conference. Alongside a select number of invited speakers, the conference will also include contributors selected via an open call for papers. Proposals from early career researchers and post-graduate students will receive special consideration.

Key information

  • Extended Deadline for submitting proposals (individual papers and/or panels): 31th July 2018
  • Individual paper proposals: Abstracts of no more than 500 words AND up to 5 keywords, short bios
  • Panel proposals: panel description (200 words); individual paper abstracts (500 words each); up to 5 keywords.
  • Confirmation of acceptance: 15th August 2018
  • Final paper submission: 15th September 2018
  • Contact email: ypsed2018 at gmail dot com

All submissions (paper and panel proposals) should be sent to the email address above.

Conference organiser: Dr Youngmi Kim (Senior Lecturer) and Dr Holly Stephens (Lecturer), Department of Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LH, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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