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Gender and Politics in Northeast Asia: Legislative Patterns of Female Legislators in Korea and Taiwan

Organised by the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies, but of interest to Koreanists:

Gender and Politics in Northeast Asia: Legislative Patterns of Female Legislators in Korea and Taiwan

5 December 2018, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
SOAS, Russell Square, College Buildings, Room 4426


Jaemin ShimDrawing insights from the literature on the effect of gender on legislators’ priorities and preferences, this book project examines whether and how the increased number of female legislators (descriptive representation) in the past two decades has led female legislators to act on behalf of female electorates (substantive representation) in Korea and Taiwan. Specifically, this it examines:

  1. how male and female legislators differ in the sponsoring of policies related to women (e.g. maternity leave, equal employment, or sexual harassment)
  2. the effect of three conditions—seat share, political institutions, and legislator characteristics—on substantial representation of women.
  3. how female legislators cooperate with other female and male legislators to promote gender issues
  4. how gender-promoting legislative activities by female legislators have been portrayed in the mainstream media

Speaker Bio

Jaemin Shim is currently a Thyssen post-doctoral research fellow at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA). He has received a Master’s and a PhD in politics at the University of Oxford and his primary research interests lie in comparative welfare states, political institutions, and legislative politics. After completing his PhD in October 2016, he took a JSPS post-doctoral research fellow position at the University of Tokyo and embarked a global project “Convergence versus Divergence of Mass-Elite Political Cleavages: Conceptual, Methodological, and Theoretical Innovations”. His wider work covers gender and politics, presidentialsm, mixed-methods, democratic representation.

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