President Moon’s 2019 New Year Message

Moon Jae-in 2019 New Year message video hologram

President Moon’s New Year Message for this year was delivered by video hologram. The below is an unofficial transcript:

My fellow Koreans,

I wish you a happy New Year and good health.

Are you surprised? Reflecting my wish to meet each and every one of you personally, I’m sending greetings as a hologram this year.

We all have kept busy throughout the past year. From the snow and ice of PyeongChang to birds chirping in Panmunjom, from the North Korea — U.S. summit in Singapore to the inter-Korea military agreement in the Pyongyang Joint Declaration, we have been rushing toward peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Exports have passed US$600 billion for the first time in our history. Even though low-income families still struggle in their lives, our economy is moving toward the goal of “prospering together.” All the credit must go to the people who have pulled together.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement and the establishment of the Provisional Republic of Korea Government. Looking forward to another 100 years, the Republic of Korea envisions an inclusive state where all people prosper together amid permanent peace on the Peninsula.

Together with the people, we will strive to achieve the dream of the Republic of Korea. With faith in the people, we will keep marching ahead.

In the Year of the Golden Pig, I wish great happiness for the Korean Peninsula and Koreans everywhere.

Thank you.


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