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Y Dance at Resolution 2019 – a video of the full performance

Y Dance at Resolution 2019

For those who were unable to attend the triple bill at The Place in January as part of Resolution 2019, Y Dance have posted a full length video of their moving and slightly unsettling performance, which you can view below.

“넋(NEOK): SOUL” is about suffering the mental anguish caused by society, family and even themselves. This work shows the process of dealing with the social pressure and stress, which means the inner conflict between suicide and life, by bringing the Korean traditional ‘Neokduri’, with combining contemporary and Korean dance.

Choreographer: Coco Yeonsoo Do
Dancer: Yerin Lee (yenn_dance), Coco Yeonsoo Do
Performer: Teng Guo, Andi Hu, Lin Yingchi, Ruoge Qu, Jie Sheng, Zihan Zhu
Music Composer: Yeojin Lee
Stage Designer: Aesol Jeong
Staff: Nuri Koh, Seohyun Jeon

Separately, the soloist and choreographer from 넋(NEOK): SOUL have been working on another piece:

Artificial Gaze: I design how I look like.

People always present their images, created by themselves.
They design their images with different layers and colours, taking the same photos hundreds of times.

Filmmaker. Yerin Lee (yenn_dance)
Performer. Coco Yeonsoo Do
Music. Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist Evolution


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