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Exhibition visit: Jukhee Kwon in Present Moment, at October Gallery

It was nice to see Jukhee Kwon’s work again in London, after too long a break.

The most eye-catching work was one of her extended cascades of paper from a single book: Dipping into Darkness (2013) was hung from the top of the wall, its black-tinted lower end trailing on the floor, making the whole work look like a giant calligraphy brush.

To one side of this work was a smaller, more recent piece: Sprouting (2019), in which pages painstakingly excised from a book have been rolled up into tiny pellets each with a tightly-twisted shoot emerging from the seed-like base.

Finally, and on the opening night we almost missed it sitting near the reception desk, an exquisite red book with a pyramid of paper cut out from its centre. My Star (2019) was the star of the show (credit to Dee Haughney, for October Gallery, for one of the images).

Jukhee Kwon’s work was on display at Present Moment, October Gallery, 24 January – 13 February 2019. Her work is also included in October Gallery’s current 40th birthday show, Dream No Small Dream until 25 May 2019.

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