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Fun and informative: the Purple A x SOKOLLAB K-Beauty x K-pop workshop

Purple A x SOKOLLAB K-beauty workshop

Raymond Sweetman, Founder of Purple A, reports from last weekend’s K-Beauty x K-pop workshop

It’s always a worry for event organizers that people might not turn up. A second worry is wondering if people will actually like what you are offering. Very happy to report that last Saturday’s workshop held at The Place (home of the London Contemporary Dance School) turned out to be a great success with both a full house and people really enjoying and engaging with the topic.

It’s an undeniable, but very pleasant, fact that the massive spurt in interest in K-pop over the past couple of years has had a knock-on boost for interest in wider aspects of Korean culture. The basis of this event was just that; Purple A has accrued a track record for community engagement with respect to K-pop and with SOKOLLAB having been established recently this year, the foundations (no cosmetic pun intended!) were there to offer out a workshop for K-Beauty that rides on the wave of K-pop interest.

Following the talks and demonstrations, the Q & A segment proved a surprise as the audience turned out to be very knowledgeable in their appreciation and usage of Korean cosmetics. However, SOKOLLAB’s two presenters, Vicky and Joyce, expanded upon the many technicalities with professional expertise. A big plus for this workshop were the free samples given out to every attendee and the prize draw held at the end. One lucky workshop attendee walked away with a presentation box containing £120 worth of Korean cosmetics!

All in all, this made for a very enjoyable session and provides momentum for future workshops on this topic. Vicky and Joyce spoke to Halloo Hallyu afterwards to give a debrief – a fun workshop with a knowledgeable audience.

Raymond Sweetman, Founder, Purple A and Workshop Organizer 22 June 2019

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