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What we’re missing: Korean acts at The Great Escape

Korean hip-hop artists Balming Tiger, BIBI and Samuel Seo were all lined up for Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival this May, and the KCC were going to bring them to London for the K-Music Showcase. Like everything else at the moment, plans have had to be put on hold, but in the meanwhile you can sample some of the music that you could have been experiencing in the music videos below.

Also invited to the party according to their Twitter feed (but not yet on the official website) were Sangjaru, the gugak fusion band we really enjoyed in Edinburgh last year. I’m sure they’ll make it to the UK again some day: they’re too good not to invite. Here they are on Naver’s Onstage platform:

Further down the page, by clicking on the musicians’ names you’ll be taken to a page with links to their Soundcloud and other social media accounts to follow up some more.

The Great Escape (Cancelled)

Various venues in Brighton, 13 – 16 May 2020

The Great Escape Festival 2020

Balming Tiger

Balming Tiger

A diverse music collective taking their name from the famous Asian tiger balm ointment, Balming Tiger is a self-proclaimed ‘alternative multi-national k-pop band’ with the aim to create a global impact. Balming Tiger’s main creative vision is to reflect and represent today’s younger generation of society, with also having the goal of further popularising Asian culture to the rest of the world. Members include Artists Omega Sapien and Sogumm, Producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, DJ Abyss, Film-maker Jan’qui, creating a group that is both talented and versatile.

From their first mixtape ‘Balming Tiger vol.1 : 虎媄304’, to the most recent release of Balming Tiger, Omega Sapien – POP THE TAG chooses to approach music from a versatile standpoint rather than one recurring genre, taking advantage of the opportunities brought by using the internet as a platform for music distribution.



BIBI is an urban R&B/Hip Hop singer-songwriter based in Seoul, South Korea. She was a former contestant on Korean audition TV show, The Fan (SBS, 2019). She made it into the finale of the show and took second place. Her unique voice, soul and aesthetic has been appealing to music listeners from all generations and she is also mentioned by many talented musical artists. She released her debut single “BINU”right after the show in 2019 and has released one more single and an EP. BIBI recently has featured to J.Y. Park’s new single ‘Fever’. BIBI has starred in a horror film that is going to be release in 2020.

Samuel Seo

Samuel Seo

Samuel Seo’s music is difficult to determine in words. His music crosses genres without making the distinction between rapping and vocal. The first EP was released in 2013, followed by in 2015. His most recent album in 2019 featured 13 tracks that demonstrated his ability as a producer by participating in songwriting, composing and arranging. The artist has won the ‘Best R&B Soul Record Award’ at the 13th Korea Popular Music Awards.



Links to the musicians’ Soundcloud and other accounts can be found by clicking on their names below.

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