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Gallery: Joonhong Min in Rendered Reality

Here are some images of Joonhong Min’s works installed at the KCCUK as part of the Rendered Reality exhibition.

(1) The main installation: The Debris from the Future Past (2019).

(2) Urban methodology: the monochrome section!

(3) The Past is Not Done with You

… all showing a meticulous attention to detail combined with an unerring eye for the overall composition.

(4) Finally, Thank you for sharing (2019). In a darkened, curtained off section in the corner of the KCC space, an installation of an assemblage of the tools of the artist’s trade: tape, marker pen, glue and the like. But the main event was something very different: a video interview in which the artist’s mother talks about her difficult past life. Somehow extremely moving, all shot in a clinically clean, ultra-contemporary kitchen.

I’m not normally one to sit for too long in front of a video piece, but this one was so intimate and personal that I watched it twice, back-to-back.

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