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Gallery: Shinuk Suh in Rendered Reality

Here are some images of Shinuk Suh’s works installed at the KCCUK as part of the Rendered Reality exhibition.

(1) The main installation: Man(u)fractured #2, based on his residency at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop:

(2) The eye-catching window display. By coincidence, while the exhibition was on, the FT ran a feature on Chinese manufacturing which seemed to resonate with Suh’s work.

(3) The impressive computer generated trompe-l’oeil print – ten and a half metres long – installed on the long wall facing Northumberland Avenue:

Suh Shinuk: Unknown Genesis
Unknown Genesis (2020). Vinyl print, 300 x 1050 cm

(4) The video / installation that recalled his work at Danial Benjamin Gallery in early 2019, in which Heath-Robinson style contraptions were balanced in a precarious equilibrium, alongside a video of the same contraption that mirrored the reality:

Suh Shinuk: The real is not only what can be reproduced
The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced (2020). Colour television, wood, glass bottle, cookie, water, ruler, scale, picture 180 x 90 x 15cm

(5) And finally, a work that brings together elements of the above works: video, installation and a motorised silicone hand, with – hanging on the wall opposite – images of male beauty.

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