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Online Discussion: Seopyeonje

A zoom discussion with Birkbeck University curatorial team following an online viewing of Seopyeonje with a recorded introduction.

Seopyeonje: online discussion

Thursday 27 August 2020 | 8:15pm
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Still from Seopyeonje

About this Event

Part of our Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement Korean Film Nights season. Programmed in collaboration with the Birkbeck Film Programming and Curating MA course.

Guests will be emailed a password for zoom, which will allow exclusive access to a virtual discussion with the Birkbeck Film Programming and Curating team.

The discussion is timed to coincide with a viewing of our recorded introduction followed by Seopyeonje, live at 6pm on Thursday 27 August. Head to or the KCCUK YouTube channel to watch.


A father, son and adopted daughter are a family of travelling artists, performers of traditional Korean folk music pansori – hours-long stories performed through voice and drum. They are struggling to make ends meet, thanks in part to the father’s alcoholic tendencies, and in part to society’s growing disinterest in the art, which is seen as old-fashioned and outdated.

This grand melodrama is as much the story of the clash between tradition and modern values as it is the clash between parent and child. When the son decides to escape his oppressive father, he has to go to extreme measures to make sure his daughter doesn’t follow the same path. Despite the ability to change scenery, the family unit is without doubt ‘trapped’ together, and the tensions this can cause are immediately apparent. Domestic scenes are tense and arguments are never far away, a situation that some of us will find all too familiar.

Image courtesy of The Korean Film Archive.

Event Schedule

6.00pm – Watch our introduction from KFN Programmer Thomas Flew on the KCCUK Youtube Channel here:

6.05pm – Watch Seopyeonje after the introduction, which will automatically play in our specially created KCCUK YouTube channel playlist, or head directly over to the Korean Film Archive’s YouTube channel to watch the film here:

8.00pm – Seopyeonje finishes. We have provided a 15 minute tea break here to recharge

8.15pm – Join our zoom meeting with the Birkbeck curatorial team in what promises to be an illuminating discussion

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy: This event may be audio and video recorded and/or live broadcasted through ZOOM. When attending this event, you agree on the collection and the processing of your personal data and on the publication of the audio and video recordings and/or web streaming. Depending on the type of event, publication of the recordings may be on a publicly available website or on an access-restricted site.

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