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2020 Korean Peninsula Peace Forum

Coming later this month, a free-to-attend online presentation of proposals for a practical approach to reunification. You can get a preview of some of the likely discussion points by reading the proposals which are available on the Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives website.

2020 Korean Peninsula Peace Forum

A Socio-Economic Strategy Leading Towards Peaceful Korean Unification
Wednesday 30 September 2020, 15:00 – 16:30 BST
Zoom meeting ID and passcode will be sent upon registration.
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2020 Korean Peninsula Peace Forum

Talk Outline

Unification of the Korean peninsula is essential to achieve long-term political stability and economic growth, as well as to position itself diplomatically so as to avoid being in the front line of a new Cold War between China and the US. However, the economies of North and South Korea are so divergent in their goals and policies, and at such different levels of GDP, that a process of gradual integration is essential if there is to be peaceful unification rather than unilateral ‘unification by absorption’. This talk will explore how a 7-year Track Two process of cumulative sector by sector convergent development can be a way forward, which the international community would be likely to support with the necessary sanctions exemptions provided both North and South Korean agree to appropriate confidence-building measures.

This talk will be followed by Q&A and discussion session, joined by Dr Jeremy Ive (Senior Advisor at Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives).

About the speaker

Michael Schluter is President and CEO of Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives, a Swiss Association established in the Canton of Geneva, which is primarily working on track 2 diplomacy between North and South Korea. He was involved at a high level in talks between the ANC and the White Establishment in South Africa (1987-94), and worked for 5 years in Rwanda (1994-99) after the genocide. He also helped to organise high-level talks between the different regional and ethnic stakeholders in the conflict between North and South Sudan (1999-2005) leading up to the Naivasha Peace Accord in 2005.

About NUAC

National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC) is a constitutional institution established in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. As a presidential consultative body, NUAC establishes and implements policies on democratic and peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula on a bipartisan and pan-national level. NUAC UK is one of the 43 overseas municipal chapters of NUAC.


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