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Gallery: Joonhong Min and Sunyoung Hwang in Urban Reckoning

Urban Reckoning featured image
Just visible behind the window is Joonhong Min’s Non-monumental Monument (2020)

Urban Reckoning, co-curated by Korean artist Joonhong Min, and also including work by Sunyoung Hwang, is at Koppel Project Hive on Holborn Viaduct, taking advantage of the gradual opening up of lockdown that has been in place since March.

Min has been having a busy year, despite the pandemic, with work installed at the Korean Cultural Centre in March as part of a two-man show (with Shinuk Suh) showcasing work from recent residencies.

Just inside the window that faced onto the viaduct was Min’s Non-monumental Monument (2020), an intricately-detailed monolithic skyscraper.

Downstairs was installed a complete urban landscape.

Included in some of the above installation views is the abstract acrylic work of Sunyoung Hwang. As noted in the exhibition notice, she “finds inspiration in the act of walking by allowing her art to morph as she explores the path of her paints on the canvas. They change direction with the wind and bring her to a place she never expected.”

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