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Traditional Korean Music Workshop series

The Korean Cultural Centre UK has announced a new Korean cultural course for spring/summer 2021. Musician and researcher Dr. Hyelim Kim will introduce various aspects of traditional Korean Music. This series of monthly talks will give you a chance to explore and gain an in-depth knowledge of traditional Korean music.

Traditional Korean Music Workshop series

Thursday 22 April – Thursday 22 July, 7pm-8pm
Online webinar, spaces limited to 100
Free – Booking Essential
How to Apply: E-mail to [email protected] or call 020 7004 2600 with your name and contact details. And please indicate which lesson(s) will you take part in.

Hyelim Kim

Course Dates and Programme

1. 22 April, 7pm: Introduction to Korean Traditional Instruments

This session explores the most common types and categories of Korean traditional musical instruments. It covers the historical provenance, materials used, playing techniques and unique sounds of each instrument.

2. 20 May, 7pm: How to enjoy Korean Traditional Music

In this session we will explain the different types of traditional music by reference to genres, styles, regions, customs, heritage and social classes. A better understanding of this background is a pre-requisite to the appreciation of Korean music performances.

3. 24 June, 7pm: Traditional Music in Korean Cultures

Korean Traditional Music is featured and disseminated liberally throughout other aspects of the Korean wave (K-wave) phenomenon – from films, drama, painting, pop music to food and fashion. We will discuss the various facets of Korean music and how it has been used or adapted for different purposes.

4. 22 July, 7pm: The Future of Korean Traditional Music

A new generation of Korean traditional musicians is seeing the tradition differently from earlier practitioners. This final session will explore what this new ‘tradition’ might look like in the future, for the musicians and audiences alike.

Hyelim Kim (musician/researcher)

As composer and taegŭm (Korean flute) soloist, Dr Hyelim Kim has been performing professionally since 2000 specialising in traditional repertoire and various cross-over genres. Kim has produced five solo recordings and performed numerous recitals around the world. She is a regular member of the Club Inégales and the Third Orchestra (Barbican Art Centre). Based on her belief that Korean heritage can act as an artistic inspiration for the contemporary and cosmopolitan environment of the UK, Kim has also set up and leads the music and dance group, the Shilla Ensemble.

As a researcher, Hyelim Kim is currently a research fellow at the Bath Spa University. She obtained her PhD in ethnomusicology from SOAS in 2014, where her dissertation was on the practice research of Korean traditional music, which is currently being prepared for publication. Most of her academic research and interests revolve around issues of intercultural and interdisciplinary music-making and practice research.


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