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Japanese Nativism and Its Colonial Legacy

Thanks to 앤서방 for drawing this interesting-looking talk to our attention:

Japanese Nativism and Its Colonial Legacy: Imagining Divine Origins of the Korean Writing System

Cambridge University East Asia Seminar
Speaker: Dr Nuri Kim
Monday 7 February 2022 – 5:30pm via Zoom | Register to attend

various images of Korean script

In this talk, Dr. Kim traces how Japanese nativist thinking was mobilized to imagine an intimate relationship between Japan and Korea, and how such undertakings left indelible marks in colonial Korea (1910-1945) and beyond. The talk specifically focuses on how Japanese nativist thinkers viewed the Korean writing system as deriving from the “Age of the Gods” and how Koreans reacted to such notions, creating their own mythical understandings along the way. The legacies of these discourses can still be felt today, informing nativist thinking in both North and South Korea.

Nuri Kim is an Assistant Professor in Korean Studies at the University of Cambridge. Specializing in modern Korean history, his research revolves around historiography and historical memory, religious history, and the history of knowledge.


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