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November events 2022

November events 2022
Clockwise from top left: London-based violinist Joo Yeon Sir | Actress Kang Soo-yeon, whose career is spotlighted at the London Korean Film Festival | Park Jiha, who rounds off the K-music Festival | BlackPink, who are in London for a two-day stint at the O2. And we hold in our hearts all those impacted by the Itaewon tragedy

One last busy month before the year-end slow-down. The London Korean Film Festival and the second half of the K-music Festival dominate the calendar, and there are some major K-pop names including BlackPink coming to town. But along with Park Jiha’s meditative music the thing I’m most looking forward to this month is an intimate recital of solo violin music from Joo Yeon Sir.




Talks and seminars

Special events


The period of national mourning in Korea after the Halloween tragedy in Itaewon finishes on 5 November

Let me know what books or events I’ve missed.

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