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OK, you CAN get good food in 32nd Street

When I travel abroad, if I have the opportunity I’ll usually try out the quality of the local Korean restaurants. Often, as when I was in Germany in May, the Korean menus are easier to understand than those in the local restaurants, and I’m always on the look-out for opportunities to initiate colleagues into the … [Read More]

July events 2011

Exhibitions: The KCC’s exhibition A Room continues all month, as does Haegue Yang’s Teacher of Dance exhibition at Modern Art Oxford, and Traditional Transformed: Contemporary Korean Ceramics at the V&A. Soon Yul Kang demonstrates her tapestry weaving techniques at Art in Action, Wheatley, Oxon, 21-24 July If you happen to be across the pond, don’t … [Read More]

Where to start in Korean literature, and five “Classics” to avoid

Charles Montgomery has a great post on where to start in translated Korean literature, and in another article shares Five Korean “Classics” To Avoid: Heartless (Yi Kwang-su, 1917) Aunt Suni (Hyeon Ki-young, 1978) Between Heaven and Earth (Yun Dae-nyong, 1996) A Man (Hwang Sun-won) and Buckwheat Season (Yi Hyo-sok, 1936). One day, I’m going to … [Read More]

DPRK in the Football World Cup

“North Korea will receive at least US$10 million from FIFA for fielding its national team in the World Cup” says the Chosun Ilbo That should keep its nuke programme going for a while… # An amazing invention by the Dear Leader: the invisible mobile phone. # British blogger in Pyongyang reports on the … [Read More]