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[Manchester] Jane Jin Kaisen: Community of Parting screenings

Community of Parting (2019) traces a different approach to borders, translation, and aesthetic mediation by invoking the ancient shamanic myth of the Abandoned Princess Bari and engaging female Korean shamanism as an ethics and aesthetics of memory and mutual recognition across time and space. Rooted in oral storytelling and embodied by female shamans, the myth about … [Read More]

Seminar: AI and Humanity

The KCC is pleased to announce an in-person talk about the AI and Humanity with Shinseungback Kimyounghun. The seminar will feature the media artist group, Shin Seung-baek and Kim Yong-hoon, who have been exploring and examining the direct impact of technology on human life and the essence of it. The artists will showcase their works … [Read More]

From Porcelain to Palaces – A Journey Through the Cultural Heritage of the Joseon Dynasty

This session explores the cultural heritage of the Joseon Dynasty – a time that witnessed the flourishing of the arts. The dynasty was built on Confucian teaching and this led to new iconographical traditions and aesthetic preferences. The royal family’s patronage of art gave rise to great cultural achievements, artistic innovation and technological advancement. This … [Read More]

Exploring Korea’s Sartorial Heritage Through Hanbok

In celebration of the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom, this lecture highlights pivotal moments of cultural convergence, underlining the transformation of hanbok into an iconic emblem of Korean heritage since 1883. Hanbok, which used to be everyday wear for Koreans, has evolved significantly over time. Notably, the … [Read More]

Seminar: Drawing Action Heroes in the Digital Age

Wooh Nayoung is an illustrator known for painting western characters wearing hanbok, Korea’s traditional clothing and taking old Korean genre paintings and reinterpreting them with a modern twist. Due to popular demand, following Wooh Nayoung’s recent Q&A at Foyles, we will be presenting a whole K-Seminar with the illustrator at the Korean Cultural Centre UK. … [Read More]

Book Talk – Black Girl from Pyongyang

Join author Monica Macias as she explores extraordinary true story of a West African girl’s upbringing in North Korea under the guardianship of President Kim Il Sung in conversation with Jim Hoare. In 1979, aged only seven, Monica Macias was sent from West Africa to the unfamiliar surroundings of North Korea by her father, the … [Read More]

Cairo Declaration and Korean service in British army commemorated in SOAS conference

Hands up, anyone who had actually heard of the Cairo Declaration before this SOAS conference designed to mark its 80th anniversary? I certainly hadn’t. Winston Churchill was in Cairo with a contingent of over 100 diplomatic and administrative staff, in late November 1943, where along with Chang Kai-shek and President Roosevelt they were starting to … [Read More]

Korean Peninsula Peace Forum

Leading authorities from the academic and practitioner communities in the UK will discuss the current tense situation on the Korean peninsula and the prospects for the easing of tension and return to negotiations. Looking at the strategy of the Republic of Korea (ROK), the Forum will first consider the complementarity between goals of promoting human … [Read More]

Artist Talk: Jinjoon Lee in conversation with Biao Xiang

In partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) in London, esea contemporary is delighted to present a special artwork by Dr Jinjoon Lee in our Communal Project Space, accompanied by an online artist talk. The display ‘Manufactured Nature: Irworobongdo’ (2022) is a conceptual extension to Lee’s solo exhibition ‘Audible Garden’ at KCCUK. It particularly … [Read More]

Book talk: Yu Miri’s The End of August

Join bestselling writer Yu Miri and her translator Morgan Giles as they present Yu’s latest novel to be translated into English, The End of August. In 1930s Japanese-occupied Korea, Lee Woo-Cheol is a running prodigy and a contender for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics – but only if he runs under the Japanese flag. Nearly a … [Read More]