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[Sheffield] Digital Korea: Stories, systems and spaces of connection

The Centre for Korean Studies at the University of Sheffield is pleased to be hosting a conference titled Digital Korea: Stories, systems and spaces of connection, funded by the AKS Core Grant Programme. This conference explores the diverse ways that Korean social, political and cultural relations at all levels, on both sides of the DMZ, … [Read More]

Author discussion: A Crane Among Wolves

The KCCUK is pleased to announce the forthcoming author talk about the novel A Crane Among Wolves with author June Hur. June Hur, the bestselling author of The Red Palace and The Silence of Bones (LKL review here) crafts a devastating and pulse-pounding tale that feels relevant in today’s world. June’s novels are steeped in Korean … [Read More]

[UCLan] Joint East Asian studies conference 2024

The JEASC secretariat have published the draft programme for the 2024 conference to be held at UCLan in Preston. They invited panel and individual paper proposals from across the full range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences that address topics related to Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, other parts of the East Asia region, … [Read More]

Korea food month at Westminster Kingsway: workshops and K-menu week

The KCC continues its annual collaboration with Westminster Kingsway College with four Saturday morning cookery workshops and four days of Korea-themed menus at their in-house Brasserie at the Vincent Rooms. The workshop will be held held in 4 sessions, on Saturdays from 27 April to 18 May, from 10 am to 1:30 pm, at the … [Read More]

[UCLan] Exploring Dynamics: Korean Anthropology and Sociology in a Global Context

The International Institute of Korean Studies UCLan (IKSU) is holding its annual conference on 19-20 April. The programme is as follows: Day 1: 19 April 2024 (Friday) Opening session Opening Remarks by Sojin Lim (University of Central Lancashire, UK) Welcoming Remarks by Niki Alsford (University of Central Lancashire, UK) Session 1 – Migration and Diaspora … [Read More]

Voices of Freedom: Performances, Escapee Talks, Documentary & Director Q&A

You’re Invited to “Voices of Freedom”: An Evening of Reflection, Tribute, and Unity Join us for a profound journey through the stories of North Korean defectors and the forgotten POWs of the Korean War, hosted by the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council. This unique event weaves together inspiring lectures, a compelling documentary screening, and heartfelt performances … [Read More]

Exploring Kew’s Economic Botany Collection through a Korean lens

Curator Erin Messenger will speak at Kew Gardens on “Exploring Kew’s Economic Botany Collection through a Korean lens” Erin’s role as Collections Manager for the Economic Botany Collection involves the general day-to-day care and management of around 120,000 useful plant-based objects. Whether that’s pest management, accessioning of new objects, handling loan and sampling requests or … [Read More]

SOAS seminar: Crackdowns and Containment: K-culture and markets in North Korea under Covid

In this talk, Peter Ward will present fresh research undertaken as part of a recent paper to be published by the Korean Development Institute (KDI) about the contrasting approaches that the North Korean regime is taking to consumption and distribution of foreign content compared to other markets in North Korea today. Utilizing a close reading … [Read More]

SOAS online seminar: Translating the Korean War and the national division: reconstruction of narratives in division fiction in Korea

The Korean War and the national division are important events when discussing Korea’s politics, society and culture. These events continue to affect every aspect of Koreans’ lives in modern Korean society from deep in their consciousness. Division fiction in Korea has been written to testify and remember the dark history of the Korean War and … [Read More]

Peace initiatives of the Moon Jae-in administration in Korea: their legacy

The Cambridge Centre for Geopolitics presents an informal lecture by Professor Jong Kun Choi, who will delve into his firsthand experiences during the period of 2017 to 2022 when the Moon Jae In Administration actively pursued peace making policies on the Korean Peninsula. This included negotiations with North Korea and facilitating the talks between the … [Read More]

Lunar New Year with Connect: North Korea

Connect: North Korea is hosting a Lunar New Year event with classical musician and North Korean escapee Emily Yeyoung to celebrate this very special holiday. Join us for drinks, canapés, Emily’s fantastic performance, and a Q&A about her journey from North Korea to the UK. There are only 25 tickets available for this event! Don’t … [Read More]

SOAS seminar: An Atomic Age Unleashed

This presentation explores the common culture of Cold War scientism and atomic developmentalism in early North and South Korea. While tens of thousands of Koreans were subject to the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, early peninsular analysis of the bombings rarely grappled with the existence of these individuals. The general exclusion of colonial subjects … [Read More]