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Condoms as a lucky charm

The FT’s Seoul correspondent, Anna Fifield, had a busy week last week. Head office would have been wanting her to divine what is going on in the brains of the DPRK’s leadership – not an easy task, and everyone’s got something to say on the subject. Fifield’s piece in Saturday’s FT was one of the … [Read More]

Saemaeul Movement Goes International

I’m in the middle of reading Mark Clifford’s book Troubled Tiger, a history of the Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan era focusing on the connectedness between businessmen, generals and politicians. A brief review will be coming soon (here). While much of the growth-driven development was geared towards heavy industry and the export market, there was … [Read More]

Amazing photos of early 20th century Korea

I paste below the text of an email just received from the curator of the Korean Heritage Library at the University of Southern California. Well worth a look. I am pleased to announce the publication of some RARE images of Korea on the Korean Heritage Library’s Website. The most complete captions currently available for these … [Read More]

Admiral Yi enters cyberspace in history book fightback

The Admiral who gave the Japanese a bloody nose in the Imjin War has no fewer than three websites to his name: exclusively for German readership, for a multilingual audience (including English), and which is an html version of a glossy book on his achievements. He himself can be contacted, through some timewarp … [Read More]