Koguryo generally has the tag of a warlike kingdom, and I always assumed that it was the least culturally developed of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Amongst other things, however, it was responsible for the world’s earliest complete map of the stars. This planispheric star map is believed to have been produced in 1395, the […]


Reading the Heavens Part 1 – Two Millennia of Astronomy in Korea

by Matthew Jackson 14 February 2012
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To celebrate star-crossed lovers everywhere, Matthew Jackson starts a series of articles on Korean astronomy As we can tell from ancient monuments like the Dolmen stones and more recent buildings such as Cheomseongdae, astronomy was big in Korea. Why was this exactly? Reverence for nature was part of it, but it was in fact more […]

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Oxford lecture on Koguryo and Balhae

by Events Editor 6 June 2007

With apologies for the late notice, I’ve just heard about a lecture on Koguryo and Balhae / Parhae / Bohai at Oxford tomorrow. Details as follows: Institute for Chinese Studies University of Oxford Trinity Term 2007 Seminar Series Koguryo and Bohai in the East Asian world order Tineke D’Haeseleer Institute of Chinese Studies University of […]

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