Shin Sang-ok’s It’s not her sin screens at the KCC

The first movie in the KCC’s new “Patchworks: Unwrapping My Korean Cinema” season is a classic Shin Sang-ok film from 1959: It’s not her sin (그 여자의 죄가 아니다) Director: Shin Sang-ok (1959) 104 mins Event Date: 20 July, 7:00pm Location: KCCUK Booking: Free admission, booking essential. To reserve your place, please RSVP to […]

Event news: Fatal Intuition is the final movie in the K-horror series

Colette Balmain’s season of horror movies and thrillers comes to an end on 23 March with Yun Jun-Hyeong’s Fatal Intuition. Colette will be giving an introduction. Fatal Intuition (그 놈이다) Director: Yun Jun-Hyeong, 2015 (109 mins) 23 March 2017, 7pm @KCCUK, Book here Synopsis Jang-woo (Joo Won) lives with his teenager sister, Eun-ji (Ryoo Hye-Young), […]

Event news: the omnibus Horror Stories is next in the K-Horror series

The next in the KCC’s K-Horror series an the omnibus movie. It will be introduced by Anton Bitel. Horror Stories (무서운 이야기, 2012) Directors: Hong Ji-young, Im Dae-woong, Jeong Beom-sik, Kim Gok, Kim Sun, Min Gyoo-dong Thursday 9 March 2017, 7pm. Reserve your place here. Synopsis The first of three omnibus films featuring some of […]

Event news: A Blood Pledge is the third movie in the KCC’s K-horror series

The first two films in the current series of weekly K-horror screenings have been fun and the talks beforehand informative. A Blood Pledge will be introduced by Anton Bitel. A Blood Pledge (여고괴담 5) Director: Lee Jong-yong, 2009, 88 mins 7pm, Thursday 2 March 2017. Admission free – registration essential via the KCC website. Synopsis […]

Event news: Red Shoes is the second movie in the KCC’s K-horror series

The second of six weekly screenings of horror movies and thrillers – a series curated by Collette Balmain – will be introduced by Hangul Celluloid’s Paul Quinn. We are assured that the gremlins that infected the DVD player at last week’s screening have been exorcised. Red Shoes (분홍신) Dir: Kim Yong-gyoon, 2005 (103 mins) 7pm, […]

Event news: Cyrano Agency and Fasten Your Seatbelt are October’s screenings at the KCC

The two final screenings at the KCC before we get to the London Korean Film Festival bring to an end the season of movies which look at Korean humour. Cyrano Agency (시라노;연애조작단) Director: Kim Hyeon-seok, 2010, 117 mins Cast: Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Min-jung, Park Shin-hye, Daniel Choi 13 Oct 16 7:00 pm Named after the well-known French drama Cyrano […]

Event news: Saving My Hubby and Scandal Makers are September’s screenings at the KCC

September’s screenings in the ongoing series Ha Ha Ha – Translating Korean Humour are set out below. Saving My Hubby has the added attraction of an introduction by Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid. Saving My Hubby (굳세어라 금순아) Director: Hyeon Nam-seop, 2002, 92 mins Cast: Bae Doo-na, Kim Tae-woo 15 Sep 16 7:00 pm Geum-soon (Bae […]

Event news: HaHaHa and Singles are June’s screenings at the KCC

June’s screenings at the KCC are HaHaHa, one of Hong Sang-soo’s most approachable films (LKL review here), and Singles, a film which Anthony Leong describes as “a breezy concoction brimming with wit and charisma that entertains without relying on dumbed down comedy or exaggerated theatrics.” A good month then. Reservations as usual via the KCC […]

Event news: Granny’s Got Talent and C’est Si Bon are May’s screenings at the KCC

The KCCUK’s series examining humour in Korean film continues in May with two further screenings: Granny’s Got Talent (헬머니) Director: Shin Han-sol (2014) Cast: Kim Soo-mi, Jung Man-sik, Kim Jeong-tae, Park Jun-geum, Lee Tae-ran 108 mins / Cert. 18 / Eng Subs 12 May, 7pm @KCCUK. Reserve your seat. The TV programme Cursing Battle is […]