Song Il-gon’s Dance of Time at the KCC

Song Il-gon month continues this week with Dance of Time. It’s the KCC’s 99th screening. Which means of course that next week’s Song Il-gon at the Apollo it will be the 100th. Be sure to come. And from Dance of Time, expect more dancing by the sea. The first two films this month have been […]

Song Il-gon month kicks off with Flower Island

This month’s going to be good. Don’t miss the four screenings of Song Il-gon’s movies this month. Visit Otherwhere for a quick run-down of why. Director: Song Il-gon Title: Flower Island (꽃섬, 2001) Running Time: 126 min Screening Date: 7:00pm, April 05, 2012 Theatre: Multi-Purpose Hall, KCCUK Synopsis: On a winter day, three women with […]

A Single Spark at the KCC

Park Kwang-su month continues at the KCC with the story of Jeon Tae-il. We’re back on an upward trajectory after last week’s Uprising. A Single Spark (1995) 7pm, 12th March 2012 Director: Park Kwang-su Cast: Park Joong-hoon, Hong Kyoung-in, Kim Bo-kyeong Genre: Political drama Certificate: 15 Running Time: 96 min Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre […]

Park Kwangsu at the KCC #2: The Uprising

The attractions of today’s second screening of Park Kwang-su month include Lee Jeong-jae in period costume and a brief glimpse of Shim Eun-ha dressed as one of Jeju Island’s famous diving women. But in general people find this particular movie as dull as ditchwater. The Uprising (1999) Director: Park Kwangsu Running Time: 110 mins Date: […]