Han Ye-seul

In the second of our articles we look at stories relating to Sports, Tourism, and national branding and marketing. And K-pop and celebrities are never far away when talking of Brand Korea. Sports and Tourism Jeju was provisionally listed as one of the worlds New 7 Wonders, after a multi-month international marketing campaign. Celebrities ranging […]


Han Ye-seul goes AWOL from TV drama filming

by Philip Gowman 18 August 2011
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So, how bad is the TV Drama “Spy Myeongwol”, and how chaotic its filming, that Han Ye-seul went AWOL? http://t.co/FySsh17 # Keywords: People: Han Ye-seul

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On glamorous advertising

by Philip Gowman 11 January 2010
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Could you imagine hot Hollywood stars modeling for an air conditioner? http://bit.ly/4HCpob. Han Ye-seul & Song Seung-heon earn their fees. 11:35 PM Jan 9th from bit.ly JamesTurnbull: @lklinks See what Londoner Bruce Haines says to understand why (is head of Korea’s largest ad agency, Cheil Worldwide) http://ow.ly/UE9k 11:47 PM Jan 9th from HootSuite in reply […]

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Cosmetic surgery to get tax breaks

by Philip Gowman 25 February 2007

As if there wasn’t enough plastic surgery in Korea already, the Government has just made it tax deductible. According to the Chosun Ilbo: The costs of plastic surgery, cosmetic tooth reshaping, corrective laser eye surgery, and “boyak”, or traditional Korean health supplements, will be eligible for income deductions in the year-end tax adjustment from this […]

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Of Ostriches and Royal Warrants

by Philip Gowman 18 December 2006
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Why is it newsworthy to call someone an ostrich? The obvious answer, particularly when the person who’s being called an ostrich agrees, is that it isn’t. But when it’s heart-throb Jung Woo Sung calling TV soap princess Kim Tae-hee an ostrich, it’s an excuse to publish their photos and mention their upcoming film “Joongchun” or […]

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