Cosmetic surgery to get tax breaks

Han Ye-seul, who according to the Seoul Times has recently had plastic surgeryAs if there wasn’t enough plastic surgery in Korea already, the Government has just made it tax deductible. According to the Chosun Ilbo:

The costs of plastic surgery, cosmetic tooth reshaping, corrective laser eye surgery, and “boyak”, or traditional Korean health supplements, will be eligible for income deductions in the year-end tax adjustment from this year. Costs incurred last December and this January will be retroactively eligible. The government passed a revision of the enforcement ordinance for the income tax law, including the new items, in a cabinet meeting Tuesday (20 Feb 07).

Not content with trying to make Busan the logistics hub of Asia, can we soon expect a government initiative to make Seoul the Botox capital of Asia?

Maybe this is all a cynical vote-winning ploy. A recent survey found that out of a sample of 810 young women in Seoul and Gyeonggi, 61.5% had had plastic surgery. With so many people going under the knife, will a little tax sweetener make them feel more favourably inclined to the government?

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Kerren McKeeman, I am a Junior Editor for Cool Hunt, an editorial press agency based in Los Angeles.

    I’m currently doing a project on Korean girls’ beauty culture, more specifically, on the intentions and opinions behind cosmetic surgery and image-altering investments. The article will be published in China’s branch of SELF Magazine.

    You all have some pretty interesting perspectives– do you know anyone in Korea who would offer their side of the story? I would like to include several interviews in the article.

    Anyone who would be willing to answer a few questions would be great. Please contact me at as soon as possible.

    This should be a great opportunity to give Chinese readers some insight on the Korean craze for good looks!

    Thank you, I truly appreciate it!
    Kerren McKeeman
    Cool Hunt Junior Editor

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