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Cobweb screens at BFI London Film Festival

‘Incredible scenes play out in my dreams,’ insists impassioned film director Kim Ki-yeol (manically played by Bong Joon-ho regular Song Kang-ho), resolute in his determination to remake the ending of his latest film. With his cast and crew persuaded to do a two-day re-shoot, delicious chaos ensues as strict censorship regulations, the personal affairs of … [Read More]

Film review: Perfect Proposal

Ji-yeon, a penniless bar girl in Macao in debt to some loan sharks is given the opportunity of a new life if she manages to get a super-rich tycoon to marry her. In league with the tycoon’s estranged son, it seems that with her natural charms and honesty she will win the cantankerous and eccentric … [Read More]

Tale of Two Sisters screens at the KCC

This week’s screening at the KCC is Kim Ji-woon’s (김지운) stylish suspense / horror flick Tale of Two Sisters (2003). (7 August, 7pm) Kim’s filmography is varied and of a high quality. He started with comedy – the macabre Quiet Family (1998) and the hugely fun Foul King (2000), and now seems to be in … [Read More]