Saharial at the Terracotta Festival: My Way

My Way, directed by Kang Je-gyu (Taegukgi) and with a pan Asian cast was the selected opening night film for the Terracotta Asian Film Festival. And whilst the top class cast of Jang Dong-gun (Taegukgi, Friend), Joe Odagiri (Azumi, Shinobi) and Fan Bingbing (Shaolin, Flashpoint) sounded very promising, I had heard from some of my […]

A last look back at 2010

We’ve digested the albums, films, sporting events and books of the year, and reviewed some of the memorable stories of 2010 in our Quiz of the Year. Here are some of the other things we noted in 2010 which didn’t quite make it into any of those articles. 2010: a year of anniversaries It was […]

Warrior’s Way tired and cliched

Via @bournecinema: Negative review of THE WARRIOR’S WAY (aka Laundry Warrior), starring Jang Dong-gun, in the Joongang Ilbo. Sat on the shelf 2yrs. Not a good sign. “It is a novel idea for an Asian swordsman to go to the West and become a hero there. But that plot twist is not strong enough to […]

Kim Ki-duk: the Coast Guard

While browsing over the weekend I noted an upcoming Tartan release: Kim Ki-duk’s neglected The Coast Guard. The title of the film, to a westerner, is somewhat misleading. In the peaceful west, a coast guard is something to do with lifeboats, or air-sea rescue. He sits in a lookout post all day scanning the […]