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A last look back at 2010

We’ve digested the albums, films, sporting events and books of the year, and reviewed some of the memorable stories of 2010 in our Quiz of the Year. Here are some of the other things we noted in 2010 which didn’t quite make it into any of those articles.

2010: a year of anniversaries

The Cultural Year and Brand Korea

Cultural treasures shown to the G20
Some of the cultural treasures shown to the G20


Warriors Way
Jang Dong-gun with Kate Bosworth in Warriors Way. He looks as if he’d rather be somewhere else.
  • Overall, not a stand-out year, with Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry being one of the few to deserve much attention (as well as the best screenplay award at Cannes), though Hong Sang-soo continued his successful art-house run with HaHaHa. Jung Sung-il’s Café Noir had a respectable showing at the Rotterdam festival. The most talked about film of the year was Kim Ji-woon’s disappointing I Saw the Devil. Bring umbrellas, said Choi Min-sik, referring to the blood-spattered gorefest which served as his comeback vehicle.
  • Largely unnoticed, Im Kwon-taek presented his 101st film, Scooping up the Moonlight, which celebrates traditional Korean paper. It’s a shame that only 70 of his films survive.
  • Studio Meditation With Pencil produced a charming animation, Green Days, which premiered in London and hopefully points to a bright future for feature length Korean animation. But the South Korean animation industry in general was incensed when British graffiti artist Banksy rehearsed some outmoded clichés in his Simpsons title sequence.
  • Global film projects failed to make much impression: the unfortunately named Jang Dong-gun vehicle Laundry Warrior (sensibly  renamed Warrior’s Way) did nothing at the box office. Song Hye-kyo’s Fetish disappeared without trace. Also sunk without trace is Kim Ki-duk, who was found to be nursing his wounds in Paju. But Rain and Lee Byung-hun got noticed in Hollywood for Ninja Assassin and GI Joe, and we’re all looking forward to Shim Hyung-rae’s Last Godfather.

Entertainment industry

Japanese cosplayers pose as Girls Generation
Japanese cosplayers pose as Girls Generation (photo from Chosun Ilbo)

Human endeavour

Oh Eun-Sun on the summit of Gasherbrum I
Oh Eun-sun on the summit of Gasherbrum I. From


Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo – people want to look like her

Business & Technology


Geoga Grand Bridge
Geoga Grand Bridge. Photo – Korea Times

The Register


Some of Andre Kim's designs at Seoul International Fashion Collection in 1997
Andre Kim’s designs at Seoul International Fashion Collection in 1997. Photo – JoongAng Ilbo




JiJang Bosal gazing at Mudeung Mountain
JiJang Bosal gazing at Mudeung Mountain. From
  • Wake Up and Laugh, a gentle Buddhist blog, and the self-explanatory photoblog Kim Jong-il Looking at Things were newcomers of note. Nanoomi began to make itself felt as a blog aggregator as did the KTO’s aggregator “The Buzz
  • The Marmot started up his excellent photo blog, while over at Charles Montgomery really got going this year, and he is to be commended for his new Korean authors Wikipedia project. was launched early in the year.
  • The unstoppable K-pop blogs reached saturation point, dishing up the celebrity chat that people seem to love: PopSeoul’s revenues now support the $2,500 a month luxury of VIP hosting at WordPress, while All K-pop had the scoop of the year: Suju’s Lee Teuk had a blister on his big toe.
  • Thankfully, there’s more grown-up music-related content available, led by sites such as Indieful RoK. In 2010 Dave Candler burst onto the scene with his Korean Homesick Blues podcast. LKL interviewed him here.
Kim Jong-il looking at corn
Kim Jong-il looking at corn. From

Food & Drink

Makgeolli (Photo: Yonhap)

Top stories

Foreign Brides

Irresponsible netizens and online gamers

Are Korean netizens too gullible?
Are Korean netizens too gullible? Source – JoongAng Ilbo


And finally…

In the tradition of those jokey items which traditionally round off the main evening news, in 2010 we heard about:

Sungkyunkwan University Dragons cricket team
Sungkyunkwan University Dragons cricket team. Photo – Jeon Min-kyu / JoongAng Ilbo

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