Kim Hye-soo

What can one say about one of the most popular Korean films ever? It’s slick, it’s got Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Hye-su; it’s got Lee Jeong-jae, Kim Yun-seok and even Hong Kong megastar Simon Yam. Yes, it’s a real pleasure to combine in one film some of your favourite Korean eye-candy with a couple of […]

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The beauty of particular body parts

by Philip Gowman 6 August 2007
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Browsing through the celebrity rags the other day I came across a report of a survey which struck me as rather distasteful: the actress with the most beautiful chest. I’m not sure why it struck me as distasteful, seeing as in the UK we have a light-hearted annual survey as to which female celebrity has […]

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Korea’s most beautiful face

by Philip Gowman 22 June 2006

After yesterday’s heavy post, something a bit lighter. Kim Hye-soo has been voted Korea’s most beautiful face. The picture in the Chosun news story is a fairly low-key affair – but you can find far more glamorous images by googling her name. The image here is a still from the film Hypnotized aka Faceless Beauty. […]

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