Korea’s most beautiful face

Kim Hye-soo

After yesterday’s heavy post, something a bit lighter.

Kim Hye-soo has been voted Korea’s most beautiful face. The picture in the Chosun news story is a fairly low-key affair – but you can find far more glamorous images by googling her name. The image here is a still from the film Hypnotized aka Faceless Beauty.

Whatever, I still think Lee Mi-Sook is tops.

What puzzles me more though is the following quote from the Chosun article:

No matter what kind of clothes she has on, she speaks in a straightforward manner.

Does she speak in convoluted sentences when she’s in the bath?

Choi Ji-woo at the Timeless Beauty AwardsUpdate (7 August 2006): Kim Hye-soo has competition. While she’s Korea’s most beautiful face, she’s not Korea’s most beautiful actress. Go work that one out. That honour belongs to Choi Ji-woo (left):

Top star Choi Ji-woo has been selected by 100 movie industry insiders as the country’s most beautiful actress in the 2006 Timeless Beauty Awards sponsored by cosmetics maker Christian Dior.

From the Chosun.

4 thoughts on “Korea’s most beautiful face

  1. Her classic beauty stands out in the crowd. Perfect height for modeling & beauty contests. Superb complexion & very lovely face. Excellent choice for 2006 Timeless Beauty Award. I watched all available movies, dramas, clips from the internet, videos, etc She’s a great actress, model & human being. My most favorite drama is Stairway to Heaven even though I did not like the ending, I hope she & Kwon Sang Woo get together again soon, real soon, please. Long live Ji Woo.

  2. hi!!! all of your guy are all the best singer or actress!!! i hope that once day i can meet you guy and i really want to be just like you guy.
    well, hvae a great day!!
    i love you guy as i love myself and family and friends, too!!!!!
    your are the best forever and ever!!!

  3. <>

    =___= you can’t “translate” a language word for word. Goodness, people these days…. What she means is that even though she’s rich, she’s honest and down to earth, and isn’t conceited or superficial.

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