Moon Geun-young

The first of the KCCUK’s “Teaser Screenings” for the London Korean Film Festival 2016 took place on Monday in the presence of Director Lee Joon-ik and the recently-arrived Korean ambassador. The chosen film was The Throne (사도) – a movie which was #5 in the 2015 Korean box office and deals with an incident in […]


Tale of Two Sisters at the KCC

by Events Editor 6 August 2008
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This week’s screening at the KCC is Kim Ji-woon’s (김지운) stylish suspense / horror flick Tale of Two Sisters (2003). (7 August, 7pm) Kim’s filmography is varied and of a high quality. He started with comedy – the macabre Quiet Family (1998) and the hugely fun Foul King (2000), and now seems to be in […]

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Celebrity news round-up: January 07

by Philip Gowman 9 February 2007
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Rain, LKL’s man of the year 2006 has started 2007 on a low-note with a speeding ticket in Hong Kong at the start of his gruelling tour. He also underwhelmed one reporter at a Singapore press conference who found him just a little dull. This wasn’t a reflection on his performance on-stage (and I’ve yet […]

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Of Ostriches and Royal Warrants

by Philip Gowman 18 December 2006
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Why is it newsworthy to call someone an ostrich? The obvious answer, particularly when the person who’s being called an ostrich agrees, is that it isn’t. But when it’s heart-throb Jung Woo Sung calling TV soap princess Kim Tae-hee an ostrich, it’s an excuse to publish their photos and mention their upcoming film “Joongchun” or […]

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