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The top 30 LKL pictures of 2007 – part 2

Here’s #11-20, in reverse order:

#20: Tottenham Hotspur’s Lee Young-pyo:

Lee Young-pyo

#19: 1970s Seoul:

1972 Seoul

#18: The first appearance of top K-pop star BoA, in her campaign for Olympus:

BoA's Olympus campaign

#17: Shinhan Bank’s Manchester United Credit Card:

Shinhan card

#16: The cover image from Kyung-Hyun Kim’s heavyweight book on Korean Cinema — a still from Peppermint Candy:

Peppermint Candy

#15: Robot Taekwon V, recently remastered:

Robot Taekwon V

#14: The wonderful Lee Young-ae:

Lee Young-ae

#13: Moon Geun-young as an Easter bunny:

Moon Geun-young

#12: 2006 Miss Korea Honey Lee modelling some jeans:

Honey Lee

#11: Timeless beauty Choi Ji-woo:

Choi Ji-woo

What? Nearly into the top 10 and still no picture of Super Junior?

The top 10 will be coming soon.


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