Video of London’s Philharmonia Orchestra in tour to Korea in May 2010, including concert in Sorok-do. Ashkenazy with Cho Yong-pil, sponsored by Lady Rothermere. http://bit.ly/d8LyYB. Also reported in the Korea Times. # Keywords: Musicians: Cho Yong-pil Places: Goheung-gun Other tags: Cultural diplomacy | Leprosy


Yi Chong-jun: Your paradise

by Philip Gowman 17 February 2006
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(Green Integer, 2004) A puzzling story about the struggles of successive managers of a leper colony to improve the lot of the lepers. I think the Complete Review shares my puzzlement. One of the best-selling novels of 20th Century Korean literature, originally published in 1976. Keywords: Authors: Yi Cheong-jun (이청준) Places: Goheung-gun Other tags: Leprosy

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