The mysteries of the Abies Koreana

Around 17 years ago, on a trip to Ashwood Nurseries in the West Midlands with the in-laws, I sneaked an unauthorised plant onto the trolley, much as a child might sneak a bag of sweets into the shopping cart on a trip to the supermarket. On my stroll around the nursery grounds, I had seen […]

Another year of underperformance

Our abies koreana has probably grown about half an inch this year. It has thus failed to meet its very reasonable targets which we set a year ago. Yet this is the season of goodwill, and the kind-hearted Louise has granted a reprieve. For some reason, she has a soft spot for this straggly piece […]

A forlorn Abies Koreana

This is the time of year when we think of people less fortunate than ourselves. There are special charity appeals, and soup kitchens spring up in church halls across the land. Spare a thought, then, for a Korean refugee in our back garden, whose days I think are numbered. He’s picked on by the locals, […]