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Another year of underperformance

Feeble abies koreana

Our abies koreana has probably grown about half an inch this year. It has thus failed to meet its very reasonable targets which we set a year ago. Yet this is the season of goodwill, and the kind-hearted Louise has granted a reprieve. For some reason, she has a soft spot for this straggly piece of Korea in our back garden. But she’s going to move it – to make room for a dogwood – and we’ll see if it does any better in our front garden. I somehow doubt it. Tune in this time next year.

2 thoughts on “Another year of underperformance

  1. Please not the recent debate re. the Dutch diplomats giving up their adopted daughter….methinks the reprieve for your tree has just averted an attack from 45 million angry netizens…

  2. Thanks for bringing the story to my attention. An interesting one.

    For my own benefit, a link to the story in the Guardian.

    By the way, you’ll be pleased to know that you are once again the runaway winner of Commenter of the Year. Tune in on New Year’s Eve…

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