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Danbee Kim’s Korea LH Garden at the Hampton Court Garden Festival

The garden is designed to promote communities around resident-friendly public gardens. Inspiration for the design comes from Incheon, a city in Korea surrounded by a landscape of mud flats and forests. As the area is being reclaimed for development, the garden looks at the question of ownership of shared spaces and how people can live harmoniously … [Read More]

Virtuous Garden: Korea’s entry in London Design Biennale

Can we live harmoniously and sustainably in this age of globalisation? Design from past traditions can help to bridge the gap between humans, nature and the modern and future world by following the principles of balance, coexistence and collaboration. Visitors will be transported through time and distance to the ‘Virtuous Garden’ via the modern means … [Read More]

Jirisan – the landscape that inspired Hwang Jihae’s “Letter from a Million Years Past” garden at Chelsea

LKL goes on a field trip to the deep valleys of Jirisan, the landscape that inspired Hwang Jihae’s “Letter from a Million Years Past” garden at Chelsea Flower Show and talks about the designer’s aims for the garden itself, which advocates letting nature to its own devices so that the aboriginal plants can thrive. In Jirisan, that means plants that benefit human health. [Read More]

A Letter from a Million Years Past: Jihae Hwang’s show garden at Chelsea Flower Show

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show (23–27 May 2023) will have a taster of South Korea delivered to Main Avenue, along with an important message about stopping landscape destruction for the benefit of people, plants and places. At the most important flower show in the world, Jihae Hwang will raise awareness of the vital role that … [Read More]

Korean food under lockdown

As the UK Covid-19 lockdown was announced back in March, what was one of the many concerns for me? The fact that I wouldn’t be able to go to a Korean restaurant for a samgyeopsal feast for the foreseeable future, obviously. So I began to plan for second best. While, somehow, samgyeopsal always tastes best … [Read More]

The mysteries of the Abies Koreana

Around 17 years ago, on a trip to Ashwood Nurseries in the West Midlands with the in-laws, I sneaked an unauthorised plant onto the trolley, much as a child might sneak a bag of sweets into the shopping cart on a trip to the supermarket. On my stroll around the nursery grounds, I had seen … [Read More]

The World’s First ‘Active’ Greenhouse

The greenhouse is an ancient invention, dating back 2,200 years. Modern ‘active’ greenhouses are distinguished from older ‘passive’ ones by the fact that they allow for the adjustment of air and soil temperature. Previously, the first such greenhouses were believed to have been built in Germany in 1619, using a stove to regulate air temperature, … [Read More]

2019 Travel Diary #3: Anmyeondo

Having enjoyed the peace of Mallipo and Chollipo beaches and the rich rewards of Chollipo arboretum on previous visits to Taean-gun, for LKL’s third visit to the county it was time to explore the coastline elsewhere. This time, we were to venture into Anmyeondo, Korea’s 6th-largest island, where the attractions include a recreational forest and … [Read More]

2018 travel diary 2 – Chollipo revisited

10 November 2018. In Chollipo’s famous Arboretum the best of the Autumn colour had finished, but there were still some good reds, oranges and yellows to be found, and the grasses were particularly fine. In October last year this new statue of Carl Ferris Miller, Chollipo’s founder, was installed in this secluded area in the … [Read More]