Colbert v Rain

Devoted followers of Korean popular culture will remember the Rain v Colbert battle in Time magazine last year. The much smaller population of devoted LKL readers will remember that I did a straw poll of my US co-workers last year: how many out of an unrepresentative sample of US bank regulatory specialists had heard of […]


How many Koreans have never heard of Rain?

by Philip Gowman 20 July 2007
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I don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe a reader can help. But seeing as I’m over in the States visiting my US co-workers right now, I thought I’d do a bit of market research. We had a team-building dinner yesterday. And on an impulse, I asked the person sitting next to me: so […]

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Stateside celeb update

by Philip Gowman 23 May 2007
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Avid blogwatchers will find this particular post surplus to requirements. This post is for my own benefit, just in case I lose the various links which are hot at the moment but which may soon cool off. Rain’s ongoing efforts to achieve the unprecedented feat of winning LKL Man of the Year two years running […]

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