How many Koreans have never heard of Rain?

Colbert as RainI don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe a reader can help. But seeing as I’m over in the States visiting my US co-workers right now, I thought I’d do a bit of market research.

We had a team-building dinner yesterday. And on an impulse, I asked the person sitting next to me: so how famous is Stephen Colbert?

“Who?” came the reply. And a similar response from the next person. In fact, on my table 5 out of 7 Americans had never heard of him. On the next table, the hit rate was slightly better. But overall I estimated that, in the extremely unrepresentative sample of university educated US investment bankers, 60% of Americans do not have a clue who Stephen Colbert is1.

Fans of Rain should take comfort from this.


  • The original Rain video which the Colbert Report video was based:
  1. And of course, the only reason that I, a Brit who doesn’t have access to Comedy Central, have heard of him is because of his Rain video. []

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