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Another industry in which Korea leads the world

by Philip Gowman 7 October 2007
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We all knew Korea had some world-beating industries: ships, chips, LCD screens. Add to that the manufacture of condoms, where three Korean companies – Unidus, Dongkuk Trading and Hankook Latex – account for 30% of the global market, according to the Chosun. Maybe there’s a big domestic demand – for example for high school field […]

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Condom sales, motel bookings surge after DPRK nuclear test

by Philip Gowman 26 October 2006

The Chosun reports a surge in condom sales and in love motel bookings in the days and weeks following North Korea’s nuke test on October 9th. I hope the world’s not going to end quite yet. Keywords: General post tags: Condoms

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Condoms as a lucky charm

by Philip Gowman 11 July 2006

The FT’s Seoul correspondent, Anna Fifield, had a busy week last week. Head office would have been wanting her to divine what is going on in the brains of the DPRK’s leadership – not an easy task, and everyone’s got something to say on the subject. Fifield’s piece in Saturday’s FT was one of the […]

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