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Another industry in which Korea leads the world

condoms-450-756760.jpgWe all knew Korea had some world-beating industries: ships, chips, LCD screens. Add to that the manufacture of condoms, where three Korean companies – Unidus, Dongkuk Trading and Hankook Latex – account for 30% of the global market, according to the Chosun. Maybe there’s a big domestic demand – for example for high school field trips – but presumbaly like most Korean manufactures the majority of production is destined for the export market.

According to the Chosun article there’s currently an international condom expert convention in Jeju Island – the favorite honeymoon location for newlyweds – at which size and strength will be under discussion.

Update, 24 June 2008. Over at the Korea Times, a photo of a publicity stunt advertising the products’ strength:

Yonhap, via Korea Times: a Durex demo

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