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Korean shorts win at Berlinale 2011

Korea is first and second in Berlinale short film section. The Park brothers’ iPhone-filmed Night Fishing wins, with Yang Hyo-joo winning the Silver Bear for The Unbroken, which is a short film about two swindlers who are involved in a real accident one evening after contriving a fake car accident to claim insurance payments. … [Read More]

A meeting with Biuret

LKL meets the energetic Korean rock band Biuret, the overall winners of Sutasi 2009, during their brief visit to London. I’ve come to the Royal Garden Hotel overlooking Kensington Gardens to meet Biuret, one of the latest Korean bands to win international recognition. The foyer is packed with music industry types, because this is the … [Read More]

iPhone boosts sausage sales

Snack sausage in alternative use as meat stylus – a substitute for your bare finger: Sausage sales have soared by 40% following a bout of cold weather and some smart chap discovering that CJ Corporation’s snack sausages have electrostatic properties that are rather similar to that of the human finger. Source: # [Read More]

A belated look back at 2009

For the past 3 years LKL has concocted a quiz of the year as a way of gathering together some of the news stories which have most caught our eye. This year, as I came to draw up the list in mid December I found it hard to think of anything amusing or diverting: most … [Read More]

KoreaDesign at Earl’s Court

It was not so long ago that Korea was known as a country which was highly competent at manufacturing goods which ticked all the boxes in terms of functionality and cost, but lacked the wow factor in terms of design. In recent years, Korea has been catching up with the design innovators, with consumer electronics … [Read More]