“Korea, Sparkling” explained

Hiding at the bottom of the goody-bag we were handed at the Korea Tourism Organisation’s “Korea, Sparkling” launch ten days ago was a little booklet which you could almost have missed. But for those who are puzzled as to what “Korea, Sparkling” is all about, the booklet contains some of the answers. It is published […]

Korea, fizzling

An unruly mob of louts and freeloaders from the travel and journalism trade gathered on the top floor of New Zealand House yesterday evening to honour the launch of the “Korea, Sparkling” tourism brand. When it had been launched so successfully down below in Trafalgar Square not two weeks beforehand, some of us wondered why […]

Korea, Sparkling

Why is it that Western Korea-watchers are, in general, so cynical? Too often we criticise Korea for not listening to sound advice from us knoweldgeable, sophisticated Westerners. So Korea goes and hires the leading “National Branding” expert, Simon Anholt (a Brit, according to one blogger), to assist with a tourism strapline. Highly commendable. And the […]